Defying Death

An average man has his life turned upside down when he suddenly and inexplicably finds he has the ability to defy death. David Hudson must contend with an unimaginable paranormal gift that has the potential to shake human society to its core. Amid the calamity that follows, David must search for the answer of why he alone has been given the power.

Imagine you awoke one day to discover that you had the power to raise the dead? What would happen to the life of an average person if they discovered they had the awesome ability to reignite the spark of life? School teacher David Hudson has his life turned upside down when he suddenly and inexplicably finds he has the ability to defy death. Without neither rhyme nor reason, Hudson must contend with an unimaginable paranormal gift that has the potential to shake humankind to its core.
With the worldwide media in hot pursuit and the world’s religious establishment seeking to investigate the incredible phenomenon, David Hudson must also contend with darker forces that are gathering to stop the man who has a Godlike power over mortality.
Amid the calamity that follows this awesome development, David must also search for the answer to a maddening question: why has he been singled out to have such authority? With the help of a mysterious ally, David must try to make sense of a situation which threatens the foundations of modern society and also his very own sanity.


Cover Created by Jenny

A Good Premade Cover Sometimes Does the Job

Sometimes various samples I create for a client as potential covers get rejected. And there I am left bereft with this unwanted, lonely cover. What do I do with it?  Do I send it to the Island of Misfit Toys? Sort of. I pop over to my other cover site,, and upload it there.

Just because a cover doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean it’s not going to work for someone else, and if there’s one thing I hate it’s wasted hard work.  So there my huge selection of unwanted babies sit, hoping to find a home someday. Sometimes they do. Often they don’t.

Premade covers seem to be developing a stigma in the cover underworld, and with good reason. Some people sell one, then they sell it again, and they sell it again. That hardly leaves coveted originality for the discerning self-published author. But that doesn’t happen with me, not even with these, which is probably why I have so many. I want my covers to stand out, to sell, and there’s only one way to do that. Practice, practice, practice.

I’m bringing this up because sometimes I’ll stumble across covers made by someone else in some capacity or another, and although they have great potential I wince because the title doesn’t stand out, or they look like they were rolled out on a counter and cut using a cookie cutter. Sometimes I’ll find another person’s portfolio and weep from the sheet genius – and let me tell you, I can’t compare myself to some people’s genius. Their cover genius is hard to comprehend. Their diversity makes you want to sing hymns. And they charge an arm and a leg for it – rightfully so.

But even so I keep plugging along because I gotta, because I like to, because this is what I do. For now.

If you’re a cover artist who also gets a lot of unwanted covers, changing them up to be different from the *accepted* cover enough to into a premade gallery isn’t a bad idea. It helps you to get your time back. It also lets you show off a little, especially if your favorite just happens to be a cover that was rejected. And then others get to see your work. So you get a two in one deal: you get to show folks “lookit wut I can do” alongside “lookit wut you can buy”.

I don’t really have much more to say than that this morning. Just a random thought inspired by looking at some covers made by other people – both genius and mediocre.


Clear and Plastic Danger – The Alien in your Kitchen

The Alien in Your Kitchen -Dangerous Plastic Food Containers
There is an alien in your kitchen, and it will kill you. This is the story of how plastics have come to be a threat to your wellbeing as a result of the toxic marriage of Chemicals and Food Containers. This is a clear and plastic danger to your health.
Find it here:
A recommended read. Free for a limited time! Be sure and thank the author by giving him a review.

Hazel Weatherby and the Elixir of Love

sampleThirteen-year-old Hazel has a rough life: two nerdy rocket scientists for parents, a kid brother convinced he’s an alien, and a housekeeper trained by the Spanish Inquisition. But when her parents vanish, the housekeeper turns into small bits of charcoal, and the police only shrug their shoulders, Hazel realizes she’s still got a lot to learn about rough.
As days drag by with no news, Hazel decides she’ll have to find her parents herself. And she’s determined nothing will stop her – not her complete ignorance of how to go about it, not her loony brother’s ravings about evil alien kidnappers, not even the dead guys trying to kill her.
But first she’ll have to join in a race to find something small and red and jolly. Winning that race will be her only chance to save her family. And a lot of other families as well.

The author has very specific ideas on what they wanted for their cover. We did our best to please. This cover was made by Katrina.