We accept payment by the following means:

  • Paypal
  • Money order. 
  • Katrina also has a payment portal to allow the use of Wepay.

In cases where more than just one of us has worked on the same project, we prefer not to have one single person get the entire lump sum. *Payment arrangements are made with each of us privately. We realize it may be slightly inconvenient, but we humbly ask to please send each of us our payments separately. We’re a team, not a corporation. 🙂

The guarantee with a dash of terms:

We guarantee your book will be formatted according to Smashwords’ requirements for getting past their autovetter for inclusion in the Premium distribution. What that means is: it will pass the autovetter and be formatted according to how Smashwords likes it.

Your book will be tested before final delivery, to make sure it passes.

We canNOT guarantee against your book being rejected by human inspection for things like grammar, spelling, or anything beyond our control. We DO guarantee that if your book is rejected and we can fix it, we will.

We are not copyeditors. We only format and create quality book covers. There will also be an extra charge for copious amounts of nitpick changes.


In most cases we begin your ebook formatting immediately and try to have it to you as soon as possible. We aim to have your book to you within 1 days – 2 at the max. Speed is important. This is the best we can tell you for a turn around estimate without actually working ON your book, which won’t happen unless we get the job. HOWEVER: there are times we can’t guarantee this super top speed due to work loads or even home emergencies.

Ebook covers can sometimes take up to four months to be done, if not longer. In the old days it would take a year or more, but we’re trying to keep with the times here. The problem is that art isn’t the quick process we wish it was. Every cover we do is plotted with care. We’d like to be able to say we can get them done in under a week, but that’s just not always the case.

3 thoughts on “Speed/Payment

  1. Email is on its way, and for your sake I will be removing this post to keep you from being attacked by spambots.

    • Hi there. Thanks for asking! You would, of course, contact us by the email address provided here on the website to make arrangements. I’ll update this page to reflect those answers.

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