Breaking Biological Bondage


A truly reliable guidebook regarding permanent fat loss, provided with a Judeo-Christian emphasis. Anyone truly determined to achieve their ideal weight, reliably control appetite, gain sustained energy and improve digestion and excretion needs this wisdom to get enduring results. An outstanding value without monetary cost!

A simplified, honest, and effective guidebook for permanent fat loss, with an emphasis upon the Judeo-Christian Tradition. Conquering confusion and controversy, this book exclusively relies upon the evidence of science, history and Biblical Teachings to achieve lifelong improvements. Learn the realities regarding fat reduction, improved digestive/excretory function, reliable appetite regulation and sustained energy elevation. Anyone of piety, responsibility, integrity, determination and readiness for change needs this book and the way of life it endorses.

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Clear and Plastic Danger – The Alien in your Kitchen

The Alien in Your Kitchen -Dangerous Plastic Food Containers

There is an alien in your kitchen, and it will kill you. This is the story of how plastics have come to be a threat to your wellbeing as a result of the toxic marriage of Chemicals and Food Containers. This is a clear and plastic danger to your health.
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Amphitrite – a free tale by Dov Silverman

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By Dov Silverman
Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: Oct. 03, 2012
Words: 12027 (approximate)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781301012596

Short description

Amphitrite 12,000 WORDS (1833 AD) Is (FACTION)FICTION BASED ON FACTS from the published accounts of Pierre Henin, François Herut and English and French newspaper articles in August 1833. The results of the loss of this woman’s Prison Ship changed the penal laws of England, Australia and Ireland. This tragedy has a surprise ending.

Heavenly Bride Chapter 1

Heavenly Bride Chapter 1

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Cover for ‘Heavenly Bride Chapter 1’
By Katrina Joyner-Belcher
Published by Writers of the Apocalypse
Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: Oct. 18, 2009
Words: 434 (approximate)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781452314594

Short description
One vampire’s infatuation with one girl, and the love that might save them both. Beautifully drawn, Heavenly Bride sweeps the reader into a magical world with dragons disguised as vampires and girls hiding secrets behind violet eyes.

Extended description
Lhung is a celestial dragon, but no one can see him – except the girl he meets in the garden. The tears in her eyes caught his attention. Her secrets intrigued him.

Despite warning himself he should leave her alone (and her trying to run away), they become friends.

Even past his own secret shame that he must bear alone.