Volition: An Extra-Terrestrial Incident

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The CIA has made contact with being from another world.

Joined by a select group of DARPA scientists, they are scheduled to make contact somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. Their objective is to exchange technology for live bodies. This meeting, however, has not gone unnoticed.  For RED Team, an ultra-covert unit affiliated with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, all the years of preparation and development are about to pay off with the capture and control of an alien spacecraft.  All systems are go to launch their top secret weapon.

Target acquisition is achieved and the electromagnetic pulse beam is fired.

Caught in the confluence of events, an unlikely pair have once again been brought together by aliens. Twenty-four years has passed since their last encounter with the Greys. Now, marijuana cultivator, Larry Beckman and local Sheriff, Dresden Vanover are determined to prevent another abduction. RED Team’s operation comes at the worst possible time for the CIA and DARPA scientists who have established a symbiotic relationship with the Greys.

While shields are down, the alien starship is hit by the pulse of energy, and the unsuspecting craft falters and crash lands on a remote high sierra mountainside. RED Team is now tasked with the recovery of the giant disc shaped craft. Meanwhile, a distress signal is sent and the race is on pitting RED Team against the ruthless Reptilian Hunter/Killer squadron deployed to assist the marooned aliens, using all force necessary to protect them.

Sheriff Vanover and Larry Beckman are detoured to the scene of the CIA and the alien rendezvous by a reporting Deputy. Once onsite, Beckman and Vanover find the area deserted except for their long missing childhood friend and he’s asking for help for his comrade, an alien Grey named Oro. As a result of their actions, they are left with a decision that could alter both their lives forever.

Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure
Published: July 07, 2015
Words: 77,060
Language: English

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This cover was created by Dora.


Akashik Ch7 – “In Space, No One Can Hear You Sneeze”

Akashik Ch7 – “In Space, No One Can Hear You Sneeze”

By Writers of the Apocalypse
Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: Nov. 25, 2009
Words: 210 (approximate)
Language: English

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Short description

If you like Spaceballs, Futurama, and forms of meaningless comedy then Akashik is right up your alley! And probably standing in front of your house stalking you. Taus’s convoy is ambushed by a scaly new character while the Cerberus Pups deal with the most dastardly of insults: food stains.

Akashik Ch3 – “A Matter of Sandwiches” – Comic book formatted

Akashik Ch3 – “A Matter of Sandwiches”

By Writers of the Apocalypse
Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: May 02, 2012
Words: 146 (approximate)
Language: English


To while away the time on their trip, Ganji and Taus have the sandwich contest to end all sandwich contests. When Taus retreats to sulk alone in her cabin, Ganji is left alone to deal with a new problem: space pirates.

Akashik Ch2 – “Docking Off” – Comic book formatted

Akashik Ch2 – “Docking Off”

By Writers of the Apocalypse
Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: Oct. 23, 2009
Words: 198 (approximate)
Language: English


After spending some time with Taus on her ship to an unknown destination, stowaway Ganji decides it’s time to jump ship. He leaves at first opportunity, but soon finds himself being chased by local, slithery bounty hunters. What did he do now?!? Events catch up to Taus when local law enforcement detains her ship at the dock. Apparently there’s a bounty on the ship!