The Eyes of the Setting Sun

The Eyes of the Setting Sun is the debut novel for Christian Madsen. Set not too far in the future, it’s about a synthetic being who is carrying out a plot to end her slavery.

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Breaking Free From the Eye


Brett Foster just recently lost almost all of his vision. For him, blindness makes him feel as if he is in a box he can’t break out of and his spirits are plummeting because of it. Brett’s wife, Tracy, desperately wants her lively husband back, a little bit of help caring for their two children and she also would like to see him remain employed.
So Brett attends a school for the blind in order to help these desires come true. While attending this school, one of Brett’s instructors, Mike, wants very badly to see Tracy’s desires come true. But in the midst of covering the various skills a blind person can use, they both find themselves in a place they could never have imagined, dealing with issues that lie far outside their typical curriculum– desperately attempting to save the Earth.
Eyesight, blindness, meaning, value, beauty, ethics and ultimate reality are all items on their curriculum and they find out that all will be lost unless they can “Break Free from the Eye.”

Fiction » Themes & motifs » Spiritual & metaphysical
Fiction » Science fiction » Utopias & dystopias
Published: Sep. 15, 2015
Words: 46,230
Language: English
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Cover created by Dora

Volition: An Extra-Terrestrial Incident

eBook Cover


Paperback Cover


The CIA has made contact with being from another world.

Joined by a select group of DARPA scientists, they are scheduled to make contact somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. Their objective is to exchange technology for live bodies. This meeting, however, has not gone unnoticed.  For RED Team, an ultra-covert unit affiliated with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, all the years of preparation and development are about to pay off with the capture and control of an alien spacecraft.  All systems are go to launch their top secret weapon.

Target acquisition is achieved and the electromagnetic pulse beam is fired.

Caught in the confluence of events, an unlikely pair have once again been brought together by aliens. Twenty-four years has passed since their last encounter with the Greys. Now, marijuana cultivator, Larry Beckman and local Sheriff, Dresden Vanover are determined to prevent another abduction. RED Team’s operation comes at the worst possible time for the CIA and DARPA scientists who have established a symbiotic relationship with the Greys.

While shields are down, the alien starship is hit by the pulse of energy, and the unsuspecting craft falters and crash lands on a remote high sierra mountainside. RED Team is now tasked with the recovery of the giant disc shaped craft. Meanwhile, a distress signal is sent and the race is on pitting RED Team against the ruthless Reptilian Hunter/Killer squadron deployed to assist the marooned aliens, using all force necessary to protect them.

Sheriff Vanover and Larry Beckman are detoured to the scene of the CIA and the alien rendezvous by a reporting Deputy. Once onsite, Beckman and Vanover find the area deserted except for their long missing childhood friend and he’s asking for help for his comrade, an alien Grey named Oro. As a result of their actions, they are left with a decision that could alter both their lives forever.

Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure
Published: July 07, 2015
Words: 77,060
Language: English

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This cover was created by Dora.

Retro Spacerocket

This premade cover was put into motion from a writer in the Kindle forums, who expressed that there weren’t very many science fiction premade covers out there. I had been wanting to do such a premade cover for a while, and started thinking about it then checking my 3D prop arsenal. This was born. I originally was going to give it a more pin up type feeling as far as texture but went for straight old-style painting in the end. And then I thought it would be fun to give it a little story for its debut.


Retro Spacerocket – science fiction space drama

Anna, captain and sole crewmember of the spaceship Chrome, is as mysterious as space is vast. Dressed about as colorfully as the night sky, she is on a routine make-up making mission when a strange blast at the rear of her ship throws her lightyears off course. Now she is lost in a strange, multihued galaxy with no chocolate and no GPS to guide her way home.  It’s just her retro spacerocket between her and the vast reaches of space….

The Scent of Wild Heather

The Scent of Wild Heather

By Katrina Joyner-Belcher
Published by Writers of the Apocalypse
Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: Dec. 31, 2010
Words: 11258 (approximate)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781458173959

Short description

A park ranger of super soldier descent befriends a mysterious young woman on the run.

Extended description

Lee-i is a park ranger in a job where dragons are protected and empathy with animals is a must. But on a day when he couldn’t care less if the entire forest burns down around his ears he stumbles across a young, lost runaway. He never learns her name, so he simply calls her Heather.

When he finds out that Heather is running from supernatural forces, he escapes with her into the wild. Together they run from the beast on her heels.