And Angels Feared to Tread


Shorty Martin found an alien machine on his Iowa farm by accident. He excavated it and discovered that it powered up at noon. He walked up the transparent corridor and stepped out on the sphere and disappeared from Earth.
He was transported to another planet. An old witch woman named Bitina tries to kill him. He learns her language through her magic and becomes her lover. A squad of army rangers follows Shorty to the planet. Only Dan survives. The planet was invaded ten thousand years ago by humanoids who live forever. These creatures breed human beings for food. Using Bitina’s magic, Shorty and Dan plan to put an end to the genocide.


Alien Invasion

alien invasion cover

4 young boys from the small town of springbrook gardens have found out aliens are planning a global invasion starting in their town and the military plans on stopping it at any cost, even if it means sacrificing the small town in the process. now the 4 boys have one day to warn everyone and no one will believe them. by the time it is over they will have discovered the shocking origins of mankind.

Published: Sep. 11, 2012
Words: 132,740
Language: English
ISBN: 9781301784646

Seers – cover

A blast from the past greeted me this morning when I signed in to get some work done. An old hand-drawn cover I did many years ago is now attached to the work of one of my clients. Check it out:



Retro Spacerocket

This premade cover was put into motion from a writer in the Kindle forums, who expressed that there weren’t very many science fiction premade covers out there. I had been wanting to do such a premade cover for a while, and started thinking about it then checking my 3D prop arsenal. This was born. I originally was going to give it a more pin up type feeling as far as texture but went for straight old-style painting in the end. And then I thought it would be fun to give it a little story for its debut.


Retro Spacerocket – science fiction space drama

Anna, captain and sole crewmember of the spaceship Chrome, is as mysterious as space is vast. Dressed about as colorfully as the night sky, she is on a routine make-up making mission when a strange blast at the rear of her ship throws her lightyears off course. Now she is lost in a strange, multihued galaxy with no chocolate and no GPS to guide her way home.  It’s just her retro spacerocket between her and the vast reaches of space….

Embrace: The Epherium Chronicles


Probably one of the more fun covers I’ve got to do – who wouldn’t want to do a space scene with spaceships and a hyperwarp glow?


Book one of The Epherium Chronicles. It was a bizarre twist of fate that turned James Hood into the Hero of Pluto Station. Now, nearly 20 years after that famous battle against the hostile alien race known at the Cilik’ti, Hood is called on again for a dangerous mission. This time he must take a new ship, the Armstrong, into deep space to make contact with fledgling colonies, created from ships developed by the Epherium Corporation that were launched before the war with the Cilik’ti began. As their journey begins, Hood and his crew discover more information about the colonies and their corporate benefactors. What they uncover could be more dangerous to humanity than a new conflict with their formidable foe.