Retro Spacerocket

This premade cover was put into motion from a writer in the Kindle forums, who expressed that there weren’t very many science fiction premade covers out there. I had been wanting to do such a premade cover for a while, and started thinking about it then checking my 3D prop arsenal. This was born. I originally was going to give it a more pin up type feeling as far as texture but went for straight old-style painting in the end. And then I thought it would be fun to give it a little story for its debut.


Retro Spacerocket – science fiction space drama

Anna, captain and sole crewmember of the spaceship Chrome, is as mysterious as space is vast. Dressed about as colorfully as the night sky, she is on a routine make-up making mission when a strange blast at the rear of her ship throws her lightyears off course. Now she is lost in a strange, multihued galaxy with no chocolate and no GPS to guide her way home.  It’s just her retro spacerocket between her and the vast reaches of space….