The Seraph’s Son

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Cole Belle is an aviator with a wounded soul. Overwhelmed with guilt over a crash that took innocent lives, he seeks atonement through a self-imposed exile that finds him on a remote Alaskan outpost. He is resolved to fill the remainder of his days off the beaten path living the solitary existence of a bush pilot. However, fate often has other plans.
One day Cole receives word that his long thought Killed-in-Action father, Raven Belle has only recently died and has bequeathed his entire fortune to his only son. But there’s something beyond the perfunctory bequeathal of a financial fortune and vast real estate holdings. His estranged father has left him with an unfathomable legacy that he is reluctant to comprehend, let alone accept.
Cole embarks down a path seeking answers and clarity. He meets the executor and close confidant of his late father who tells a dubious tale filled with angels and demons. Moreover, he explains his father was more than just a man, he was a warrior. A combatant with supernatural abilities belonging to the oldest army known to mankind – A front line soldier in St. Michael the Archangel’s Seraphic Army, charged with exterminating the minions of Satan in their most heinous and deadly manifestations.
The Seraph’s Son is a tale of a broken man’s journey from agnostic sensibility to resolved comprehension and finally acceptance of his own fate.

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Cover created by Dora.


Swim Coach! Diving in Deep

Swimming Coach Diving in Deep

Swim Coach! Diving in Deep (Book 2 of the SWIM COACH! series)

By Dusty Kohl

Diving in Deep isn’t about the water, but about Shane’s life. His path takes unpredictable twists to outgrow his need of a life swim coach. Shane’s job, Director at Dawg On Adult DVDs, challenges his private relationship and redefines his morality. Tougher players of opposing ethereal battles arise demanding a leader. Few believe he is up to that task.

Book is available here:

Published: Dec. 01, 2014
Words: 229,070
Language: English
ISBN: 9781310243523

Available formats: epub mobi pdf (and more)                                               

This cover was a premade and the author added his own choice of fonts. This cover was made by Dora.

New Premade Covers available

Ruby Lips Red Roses

Ruby Lips Red Roses

Boat Drydocked, "painted" photoOriginal image: Dafne Stock Free Images

Boat Drydocked, “painted” photo
Original image by Dafne of Stockfree Images

Stock had to be replenished, and I have to admit: making premade covers is fun.  So here we are, showing off.

The “Ruby Lips Red Roses” cover was created when I felt like doing some Vargas-inspired 1950’s pop art type stuff.  I used stock art and a little elbow grease. I think this is currently one of my favorites.

And then there’s the boat cover. I was feeling a little homesick for my childhood. This particular cover is a bargain because I didn’t put much work into creating it.

Rainy Day Romancepremade for YA genre

Rainy Day Romance
premade for YA genre

In the Company of Vampires

In the Company of Vampires

One I took a considerable amount of time on just today is “In the Company of Vampires”. I wanted to make something to do with vampires, werewolves, and maybe a little paranormal romance. I also don’t get to do many covers with this sort of look.

And finally ,”Rainy Day Romance” was made for total larks. There just aren’t enough young adult covers out there for grabs, so I made one. And how cute, I thought, if love were raining from the sky.

And that’s all I have to say for the moment! Hope you enjoy the eye candy.