New Premade Cover – Blue Pioneer

It was requested of us that we make more historical covers, especially dealing with the early American eras. It was also hinted more Amish covers would be lovely. This set me on a quest to find stock art that would cover this demand, and that’s when I discovered that materials available to create for this genre are severely limited. In fact, the same model image in the same pose with the same bonnet has been used multiple times for various covers in the Amish field alone.

This is where my type of cover making comes in handy, so I have been concentrating in my spare time to find a way to solve this dilemma for the historical fiction writers. So now in the premade section are a few Amish covers from the only affordable stock art I could find. As for the pioneers and their Western companions, I’m able to stock art some. I’m having to create from scratch for the rest.

The good thing about me creating from scratch is the exclusive image part of our deal. If I made it, I’ll reuse it for myself but nary shall it be sold for a cover twice. You won’t have to worry about the same model with the same bonnet, etc.

So for your amusement, here is our latest premade cover: Blue Pioneer created using 3D technology and my various programs and amounts of elbow grease to get that classic painted look I so adore.

Blue Pioneerexclusive image

Blue Pioneer
exclusive image

Edwina was a mail-order bride on her way to Ponyville with the last wagon train headed out of Chicago. She was a striking beauty with only one flaw: her eyelashes were so gloriously long they interfered with her eyesight. The world was a painted blur around her.

She thought this vision impairment would help her to fall in love with her new husband when she got to her destination, no matter how squishy or hoary or pimply he was. She would never have to see his faults. She never expected to fall in love with George, the quietly stoic gypsy whose hobby was standing near the horses and looking off in the distance. What did he see out there?

How could she blind her heart to his soft-focused good lucks when her wedding got closer over every mile?