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Katrina Joyner-Belcher is the main person and founder behind ebookcovers4u.com. Among other things, she does painted style ebook covers. This is her own process using 3D technology, although she’s also known to hand-draw on rare occasion. Examples of her covers can be found with: The Windwalker.  And those made for the Blue Series like this one, or one of her favorites here.  More artwork by Katrina can be found at www.theheavenlybride.com.

Katrina also does epub comic formatting for Smashwords, and is experimenting with fixed epubs. (But she makes no promises on that.)


Rebecca Pinder just joined us in 2017 as a cover artist and Word document formatter for Smashwords. She has an AA in graphic design with St. Johns River Community College. She worked a year towards her BA in graphic design with the Art Institute of Florida before joining the army.  When the work gets too tough, she and Katrina team up to get the job done right.


Others that have worked with ebookcovers4u now concentrate their efforts at premadecovers4u.com.

Sorry. We do not make cold phone calls. Please understand, we’re not being antisocial. We’re avoiding being called after bedtime, on our honeymoon, and while trying to spend holiday time with our children – as has happened often in the past.


You can email us at kjoyner @ premadecovers4u.com


12 thoughts on “About/Contact Info

  1. hi Katrina
    Your page is about the most likeable as i am looking for an ebook formatter and cover designer. I will send you an email for a quote. thanx. Moni Lai Storz
    btw i shared you facebook.

    • Hi there. Thanks for asking! If you’re talking about one of the premade covers at premadecovers4u.com, there’s a hitch in the system that requires I go in and set the purchase to complete manually. We’ve been trying to fix it to no avail. Sorry about that! It should be okay now. If not, please email me privately (This is Katrina) and I’ll send it right away.

    • Hi there. I’ve shot you an email in private to get you your cover asap. I’m sorry the system is being so difficult, but I also greatly appreciate you letting me know so I can troubleshoot. Please email me back so I can be sure you’re getting my email, and we’ll get this fixed. 🙂

    • Weirdly, the system shows you having downloaded the cover 1 time. I also regenerated download permissions for you just in case, and I’ve sent the cover via my work email @10confessions.com.

  2. This morning I found multiple copies of the cover in my downloads! But I still cannot manipulate it and would prefer to have you give me a quote on the cover I sent earlier this morning.

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  4. When can you start making my cover and when can you finish? (Please send a link to your page in your response.) Thank you.

    Randy (randallfoster22@gmail.com)

    • If this is about an existing commission, I’m already working on it. If you’re discussing a future commission, at this time I’m very booked and will be for a few weeks out. I’m sorry for the inconvenience if this is the case!

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