Talking to You Is My Paradise


Christen Micheals is a fragile fourteen-year-old hiding behind a tough exterior. Her relationship with her parents has never been close but it becomes even worse when they divorce and she is forced to move to Small Town, Texas by her mother. With her family shattered and with the people at her new high school intolerable, she has little faith left in humanity. But the friends she eventually makes and the experiences she has are enough to both make her mature and to finally love someone when she has never known how to love before. Two years later, after a surprise twist in fate that forces her to make heartrending decisions and to finally forgive people she has hated for years for hurting her, she emerges a new person, with a broken heart yet also a wide future.

Fiction » Literature » Literary
Published: June 10, 2015
Words: 195,640
Language: English
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Cover is a premade cover designed by Dora