Ion 417: Raiju


Her life was a lie! She had no name, save for the one she gave herself, and her life was totally controlled by one person. To him she was nothing more than project 417, though she called herself Ion. Now she has discovered just what he has planned for her.
Using the abilities Teyrn Elon had engineered into her genetics, she escapes his plan to sell her to the highest bidder. Now she is on the run in a stolen ship with only one possible safe haven. Her hope is to seek out her mother’s people. The only problem is that the world she dreamed of finding isn’t the way she pictured it to be.
Instead of sanctuary, she finds the need to become their hero. Her life has gone from being a lab rat, to fighting for a people that refuse to accept her as one of them. Her abilities earn her the name of Raiju, a mythical beast of lightning; they also ensure that she will never have a boring existence.

Published: Sep. 16, 2011
Words: 93,090
Language: English
ISBN: 9781465831170