Genies in Jammies


Genies in Jammies, by Marcy Petricig Braasch, is a full-color illustrated collection of 20 read-aloud poems. The poems are colorful rhythmic character sketches that bring out attentiveness and giggles from young listeners. With rich, hand-drawn and painted illustrations, this fun book is sure to become the “Read this one!” addition to the 4-10 year-old’s bookshelf.
Genies in Jammies is a collection of read-aloud character snippets. It’s almost a bit of an homage to Shel Silverstein, with satirical rhymes describing the colorful characters in the author’s mind. Each of the 20 poems is illustrated in full color. The mini-stories are whimsical, unusual, and well-written; they are a far cry from a watered down night time rhyming book filled with soft puppies and bears sharing hugs. Kids will find themselves stopping to study the illustrations. Marcy Petricig Braasch’s Genies in Jammies is ideal as a parent’s read-out-loud book for children ages 4 to 9, and great for kids 8-12 to broaden their own reading vocabulary strength.

Cover created by Jenny, Artwork by Marcy Petricig Braasch