Ruse Of The Terrapin


Ruse of the Terrapin

A hurried trip to lay her eggs on the beach and a chance meeting with Jaunty the Fox brings Gorgeous the Terrapin into a new relationship with Squawk the Penguin. Successive events, especially rejecting Squawk and Gorgeous at a party,have pitched the three of them against two behemoths, the Elephant and the Great White Shark.Gorgeous must face both in a tug of war.Can she win? See how!

Rejection oftentimes,is an offensive act to many people. Two animals, Gorgeous the Terrapin and Squawk the Penguin are not admitted to parties on land or in water; they are rejected. They are told they belong in neither water nor on land and therefore are not allowed to associate with the animals who make the two places their home.

Angry over the embarrassment, they decide to take revenge against the leaders of the animals in water and on land. The two behemoths, Maxomax the Elephant and Razormouth the Great White Shark are in trouble as Gorgeous the Terrapin challenges them to a tug-of-war. Jaunty the Fox, friends to both Gorgeous and Squawk, is present and will help. Even if a ruse, “a win is a win,” says Gorgeous after the battle. But Squawk the Penguin and Jaunty the Fox have other ideas.


Cover created for Ukpong Ito