Policy Change – No More Waiting List and more premade cover news

As of today, I am being forced to rethink my policy concerning waiting lists and people who want to send me their book “later” in general. The new policy is: no more waiting list, and if you want to send me your book later that’s fine but I’m not going to guarantee I can get to it right away.

This stance is coming about after one too many times of taking someone into my list who said, and I quote, “No rush” only to work all night on their book when I got to it – and I learn they found someone else because it turns out they were, in fact, in a rush and just didn’t want to say anything. No offense to those of you eager to get your book out there, but that’s a theft of my time and resources. So I’m drawing a line with apologies.

But in other establishment news, the new premade cover area is fully functional. I highly encourage all of you to take a look, even if you’re not in the market for another cover, because I’m fond of showing off. So far of my team, my daughter has managed to join up – but she does strictly interior illustrations and probably won’t be doing much activity on the website for a while. Another of the team, Melanie, is having computer problems but promises to return soon. And Jenny will get to it when she can; she’s not exactly a premade cover type person.

If you know someone who makes premade covers that is looking for an outlet, tell them about our little area. It’s free to open an account there and we only take a 9% commission from sales. I’m revisiting the layout often to see how I can make it more comprehensive and workable as a market for authors and clients to connect. For example I have a classifieds section that is yet to be tested, a featured artist section, and the layout looks great if I say so myself.

If you want to know more, you can find the portal in our premade covers section here or just go to http://premadecovers4u.com.