Changes in the Premade Cover section

So I have been letting Jenny Anderson work with me, and my daughter as well. Why not? Doing this got me more on my feet… and in the past two months I’ve also been letting another named Melanie into the team. And our premade cover section got larger and larger – mostly from me. But I realized I was forming a full-fledged business team and had quite the shop going on.

Other places compounded on that idea and I thought, “Wait a minute!” And took a look at our shop section, saw the mess it was in, and fixed it. Our premade covers are now to be found on their own website:

I don’t like to build websites halfway, so over the course of the past week I ended up sinking quite the investment into it. It now sports a classified section so seeking authors can post queries and try to connect with artists. Artists can open a free account and submit premade covers for the shop. And I started advertising today.

And I’m already thinking to myself what else I can do to make it a resource for authors and artists alike. I definitely could use some guest articles by artists and authors on self-publishing going on.  But everyone does that. I want to do more than that. I’m sure the idea will come to me in time.

Of course there are some conditions to it: a 9% commission on sales, and only one type of classified is free. I have to pay for the place after all. But I dunno. I’d like the place to have good content that you’d need to find, content one can readily offer without having to charge.  I’m weird like that.

So there is it for those who visit this little website for whatever reason. Our premade cover shop has moved. The website is still a little rough but I’m working on it. And I invite other artists to join in.  And authors, also, take a look.

I like cheese.