The Girth Brothers and the Secret of the Marshlands

girl brothers 2 cover

This cover was drawn and colored by Katrina.


It has been 10 months since the two evil doctors, Chickenman and Stine, tried to destroy the island of Sandal Pointe. They escaped from the Girth Brothers – Raz, O, and Buffalo – and have since been living under the marshlands on the island’s north end. Now U.S. government surveyors have received permission to clear portions of the marshlands and have enlisted Buffalo as their guide. After stumbling upon a mysterious ship in the middle of the marshlands, the Girth Brothers realize that Chickenman and Stine have resurfaced with the intent on finishing what they started: the annihilation of Sandal Pointe and all its inhabitants! Can Raz, O, and Buffalo save the island again, or will the two sinister doctors prevail?

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