Quick Tip: Those pesky missing covers in your Nextbook2

A friend gave me a Nextbook when she upgraded to a different ereader. I was delighted. I live on a small budget, so buying things like the Kindle Fire or the Nook color just to test with is not in my possibilities. But when I loaded my content onto my Nextbook I was a little disappointed to discover that instead of seeing the pretty little cover images in the library for me to browse with, I got ugly rectangles with the word “epub” on them and no hint at all of what book each one even was.

The solution? I like my pretty pictures, so I set out on a Great Quest ™ across the spider-infested paths of the internet to discover what I could do. But no Holy Grail did I discover. No glass tower could I climb. Rather, I found myself in Merlin’s position – there is this problem but there is yet to be a Once and Future Answer. I would have to wait for it or invent it on my own.

I’m not the most savvy coder in the world. When it comes to eBook creation, I’m still a student in many ways. Today, for example, I feel pretty special because I leveled up a bit.

With the help of a Great Wizard, the solution, quite by accident, was discovered. So now I no longer am Merlin, but the hapless hero or the accidental queen. Or just the bumbling fool. I’m more in favor of the latter description.

So I went on another Great Quest to make sure I wasn’t the only one who knew.

So far it appears that I am.

As this accidental solution can be used for good, I have decided to share it. However, I share this at great risk to my soul – for when the evil forces discover that I not only know this secret but have revealed it so as to make it, in fact, no longer a secret they shall be wroth. I probably should fear for my life.

So if you could shield your screen from prying eyes and read this very, very silently to yourself with a standing guard of no less than fifty strong knights, I may be a bit more comforted that some precautions have been taken. For you should fear for your life, as well. You’re reading this, aren’t you?

Are you ready?

Lean closer.

No, closer.

Okay, take a deep breath. Here it is.

Change the cover image’s file extension from jpeg to jpg. To be precise, the file has to be named “cover.jpg” and has to have the association/scematic of “cover” attached to it.