Plaigiarized Book Alert

Far be it that I should go unprofessional and discuss personal business on this blog, but there are times you gotta do what you gotta do. And I just heard tonight from one of my clients that one of her books – which she generously allows people to read for free – has been stolen and is being sold for $5 on Amazon.

For those of you who wonder what to do in this situation: you email You  have your ISBN  number handy – and this is why I prefer to publish through Smashwords first. They keep free ones on hand for clients. You can buy one through them for $10 – a ton less than if you bought it yourself. Which means for a bit of a shuffle for working with a very amicable company, you get a bit of insurance.

Maybe she will get Amazon to see reason. Maybe she won’t. I’ve had stuff stolen before, and I can tell you there are times the whole “the victimized artist is in the rights” is just a sham. Which is why we, the reading community should stand up when the perpetrators are caught red handed.

Her covers have probably been the most luxurious and enjoyable I have ever made so far, so when she asked me to look at the cover on the stolen book and weep I did – and I am just out and out appalled.

And of course it was marked “best seller”. My client’s stuff is GOOD.

What can you do to help? Let that thief know what you think about them perhaps? No, shun the book. Make sure others shun the book. Direct them to the copy she now has on Amazon (she used to shun Amazon but no more after today) for 99 cents. We can act through boycott. We can act as a team. We can stick together. Because you can be sure if this person stole one book, they’re going to steal another. Maybe even yours.

Here is the offending stolen piece:

Here’s the real original piece:

And here are more of the series on Amazon: