MISSTEP [Kindle Edition]

Publication Date: December 14, 2011

When 32-year old career minded Trish Owens marries engineer Thomas, she gets his 10 year old son Duncan as part of the package. Trish happily plunges into her new role of stepmom without bothering to read the fine print.
Quicker than you can say blended family, Sunny, the biomom, tightens her stranglehold on the two males from her former life. Trish finds herself scuffling with Sunny over everything from haircuts to homework and bed times to boundaries.
From one misstep to another, Trish takes a wild ride on the custody carousel as she searches to understand her deepest emotions about parenting. Ultimately, she discovers the only thing harder than raising her own kid is raising someone else’s.
As of the year 2010, more Americans were living in step families than nuclear families. That’s a whole lot of blending going on and it’s a whole lot of potential trouble for stepmoms. Trish gives a voice to all stepmoms who have dared to love another mother’s child.