Premade Covers Area Moved

The premade covers – comprised of rejected or unclaimed covers from previous clients – used to be housed on another portfolio I have, but lately I have been taking a look at their situation. They needed to be made more convenient for you, the client, so that is what I have done.

They are now housed onsite here, where they should be. Furthermore they all have “buy now’ links so that you no longer have to contact me, wait for a response, and make arrangements. If that’s the cover for you, then you can buy it right away, put your name and title into the instructions, and have it delivered by email quickly. Each ‘buy now’ link is also set to monitor stock: once a particular cover is purchased, that’s it. It’s done. No one else can buy it, I take it down and replace it with another.

Another thing I’m starting to do is add new stock to the premade section. Of late, I have fallen in love with making artful compositions from stock art. Making covers for various people is what got me started on it – the transformation, experimentation, and overall sheer beauty I am able to create is addictive. I already have added two new romance covers to the selection – just because I felt like making them.

I’ve always enjoyed having a premade cover section. It allows you, the author, to have immediate delivery and near instant satisfaction at an affordable price. Covers I’m contracted for won’t be finished nearly as fast!

It allows me to create for the sake of it – which sometimes an artist just has to do to blow off some steam.

It’s a win-win situation.