Ferrasium: ebook cover


By Wendy Scott
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Published: July 08, 2011
Words: 95836 (approximate)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781466076310

Short description

Book One, of the Windflowers Trilogy. Kalli exhibits a talent for forbidden magic so she’s banished to the Ferrasium. Worried for her younger sister, she escapes. Destiny demands she’s the one who must vanquish the Priests of Raia and instigate the return of the Cat Goddesses but she’s only fourteen, magically untrained, a fugitive with a price on her head, and assassins on her trail.

Extended description

Murder, mystery, and magic in a land reminiscent of ancient Egypt.The Priests of Raia are greedy. High Priest Seraphis plans to overthrow Pharaoh and rule the land of Keymett in his stead. His minions scour the desert searching for a powerful artefact; a remnant from the banished Cat Goddesses. Kalli is thrust into the Ferrasium after failing her initiation trials. She reveals a talent for forbidden magic and the priesthood don’t tolerate women who can wield power. Her brother is accepted as a novice by the priests as Seraphis plans to harness Xandar’s magic. Kalli fears, Bibian, her younger sister, will also be tossed into the fighting arena when she comes of age. Devastated by her brother’s betrayal Kalli escapes with the help of the Bera-Bera tribe but assassins stalk her. The Oracle reveals Kalli must unlock the secret of the Glowing Blue Sands but she has no clue of how to find them or even what they are.