Movie Star Money – ebook cover

Movie Star Money

By Marguerite Darlington
Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: Feb. 04, 2012
Words: 86408 (approximate)
Language: English

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Ebook short description

Sacha Sanchez doesn’t want to leave Chicago, she has to leave. The pick-up-and-rip-off gig she was running blew up in her face, so the 23-year-old con artist splits town before the cops pick her up. She hides out in Hollywood and ends up hustling pocket change as an “energy healer.” Then she finds one of her rich and famous clients dead, and his wife hires her to find the killer.

I’m actually quite proud of this particular cover. I studied the old pulp fiction covers of the 40’s and on a long time before beginning to try to get the look down.