Formatting Rate List

Rates are based on but are not limited to the following:

  • 7 cents per 100 words for ebooks, minimum $10 charge.
  • 20 cents per 100 words for Createspace
  • We have a bundle price of 14 cents per 100 words when getting both ebook and Creatspace for plain text! (Read further for extras.)
  • We also have a bundle price of 10 cents per 100 words when getting both Smashwords doc and epub for plain text! (Read further for extras.)
  • $2.00 per illustration
  • $5 per page for KF8 only: Images, text boxes and magnification areas only.
  • Footnote/endnote/bulleted list charge of $1.00 per every 25 (no discounts for odd numbers).
  • If providing PDF, there is a scan/OCR fee of 20 cents per page and $1 per illustration, however my OCR spell check fee will be waived.
  • $25 for linked hyperlink/websites in excess of 25. Over 100, the rate goes up $1 per every 10 links.
  • $20 for each extra format of the same book (epub/mobi)
  • Stylistic Extra Fancy Chapter Headers, $1 each
  • Scene and chapter division markers put in place using public domain dividers or a divider your provide, $1 for every 10 placements
  • Documents with numerous tables, please inquire.
  • If your book was formatted for Smashwords, a simple $5 tweak to make it good for Amazon!

Formatting includes the following in appropriate conditions:  

  • Linked table of contents (all internal document links are verified).
  • Copyright and license page as per Smashwords requirements
  • Appropriate front information, such as a title and copyright page.
  • Appropriate end section such as an “about the author” page, links to your Web site, etc.
  • Document clean up: removing odd fonts, random styling inconsistencies, improper indents, tabs, tables, text boxes, and various other things that can get your book rejected for premium distribution.
  • Epubs and mobis will be clean and have simple coding such as “easy drop-caps” if you so desire. Fancy coding for epubs, such as found in a “fixed-layout” epub (such as a children’s book with words overlapping the art), will not be done.
  • Your choice of block-style or first-line indented paragraph styles. (If you don’t specify I simply follow your document’s original setting.)
  • Properly formatted chapter headings and page breaks.


What you get: You get your choice of a specially formatted DOC file for use with Smashwords, or an epub file for Nook, or a mobi file for Amazon. $20 charge for each extra format included.

What we don’t do as part of this service:

  • Proofreading, grammar / punctuation, spell-checking, etc.
  • Actual upload of the files to Smashwords, Amazon, or Pubit.
  • Building your book for you.
  • Free cover. For prices, please see this website’s section on covers.
  • Book reviews
  • Marketing – although we do on occasion post finished project notices here for our readers to enjoy.

We will need your document in one of the following formats:

  • Doc or Docx (preferred)
  • PDF (not preferred: can lead to grammatical errors in conversion, and there will be an OCR charge)
  • Filtered HTML (please include all image files with this format, linked properly)

What we guarantee and what we don’t guarantee

If we tell you it will work, it will work. We don’t make such promises without knowing for sure. This goes for special interior formatting such as image size etc. Your book will be formatted for Smashwords’ guidelines and be accepted for Premium Distribution on that score. Your book is never delivered until it is tested here and passes the test.

We don’t guarantee the following conditions:

  • Any changes are made after I have delivered the completed file
  • Your book is rejected because of excessive spelling or grammatical errors
  • Your book is rejected because a cover you provided is not up to specifications
  • If there other issues about the book we may have tried to resolve with you but could not.

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