Book Cover Rate List

Normally this service starts at $45. We can create covers using stock art or drawing your image from scratch. With covers created from stock art, prefer to get our images from or – if you have something very specific in mind for your special project, we recommend taking a look through there. It helps us get the cover just how you want it… quickly, too!


We do offer a selection of pre-made covers at: if you need that special book cover as soon as possible.


  • Covers using stock images start at $45.
  • Painted style covers by Katrina start at $200
  • Covers drawn from scratch start at $125
  • Reimbursement fee for every image use we purchase. This usually can run from $1 to $5 if you use Fotolia or Dollar Photo Club.
  •  $10 finder’s fee for finding images for you after 25 images.
  • Up to ten free changes – changes to go back to an earlier design included. $3 per change from there after.
  • Other fees may apply.
  • Our rates were originally established to make our services affordable for Smashwords authors. If you feel we are charging too little and want to offer a more comparable rate (yes, we know you’re out there and thank you for this) perhaps an industry standard comparison chart can help you. Please visit:

7 thoughts on “Book Cover Rate List

    • Hi there. Well it depends. If you don’t know what you want, then a good idea of your book, it’s theme, maybe an important pivotal scene if it’s a fiction or nonfiction, or even your favorite color. A lot of people tell us “please read this long chapter!” and that can be helpful but it’s more helpful if we hear about the book – the whole book, not all about one character or your favorite catch phrase – from your perspective. We want to craft a cover that will 1. market your book successfully above all and 2. make you go “yeah! I wrote this!” – which is probably my favorite part.

      If however you have a good idea of what you want on the cover, obviously things go a lot faster because we get a starting point to go from.

      • I intend to publish a series of fantasy e-book’s and would require covers for each of them that conform to Smashwords requirements. I would like the font Ringbearer for both the title and author’s name (preferably bevelled to give it a slightly 3-D appearance). The design I would require for all the books should be comparatively simple graphic, centre page, leaving a space at the top for the title and at the bottom for my name.
        The books are set on the flat Earth which is populated by a variety of creatures; some of whom have magical powers but dare not use them. Each of the books is set around the city watch of Bloxwytch. Soulsinger, the first book, concerns the watch commander. For the front-page graphic I would need a middle aged elf sitting at a desk (in a comparatively dark room), with a pencil in his hand, writing. The elf (Soulsinger) has silver hair (pulled back behind his ears) and is wearing a cuirass (breastplate), short-sleeved shirt or jerkin, trousers and boots. On the desk to the left is a simple helmet and on the right a hemispherical source of light (glowbulb).
        Behind the elf stands a balding, middle-aged human (his sergeant) who is slightly overweight and dressed the same as the elf (he is peering over the elf’s shoulder). Both the elf and the human wear glasses. Though both characters would appear to be in an office, background is comparatively irrelevant (I just want a cover that highlights the two main characters and leaves comparatively plain background, top and bottom, for titles etc.).
        Could you supply me with a ballpark figure as to cost and time scale please? Also, could you inform me as to whether the e-book cover could be scaled up to paperback size should I ever decide to go down that path? Having completed the first five novels of the series (I’m currently editing them), I would seek to publish one book every couple of months if this venture proves to be successful.
        Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter,

        Malcolm Mair.

    • Hi there! Are you talking about covers you had made before 2012? That was the last time the stakes were upped, as it were, and although Amazon began encouraging higher quality for their covers about a half a year or so ago the rest of the ebook world still seems to be okay with a minimum of 1400 pixels wide. I personally like to send them out 1800 pixels wide, but if someone wants them slightly higher in quality why not. The only thing is, if you have smaller covers that you simply want resized the golden rule is you can make an image smaller with little issue, but you can’t normally make it bigger. There’s not enough data in the image when you do that and the picture tends to look bad when you’re done.

    • Well it depends. They can be remade. If your images are large enough they can be worked with, but a lot of folks aren’t usually that lucky. The usual thing to do in this case is to go back to your original cover artist and simply ask if they can provide a larger copy.

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