Ebook Services

We offer services in ebook formatting and ebook covers for Smashwords, Amazon Kindle (and KF8) and basic epub. We take fiction, non-fiction, comic books, children’s books… but unfortunately we do not take cookbooks. Premium guaranteed formatting for Smashwords! We work to be fast and give you a quality product.  Please continue to read if you would like to know more.

We do offer a selection of pre-made covers at: http://www.premadecovers4u.com if you need that special book cover as soon as possible.

Please visit this page’s subpages for more information.

If you’re interested in having us work for you, please email:

kjoyner @ premadecovers4u.com (Katrina – 3d painted covers)

christopherlenox @ live.com (Kris – formatting)

4 thoughts on “Ebook Services

  1. I have two small ebooks (roughly 24,000 each)–nonfiction that I’d like to have formatted and the covers to pass mustard. This is short series of books so the cover is virtually the same. Please let know if you can help

    • Hi there Jack. I’m sorry we didn’t notice this comment sooner. Of course we would love to help. Just please visit our contact page and email the person who best suits your needs.

  2. I have used text boxes (in Word) to include some ‘asides’ that are relevant to the narative. Is it possible to include them? I’ve also used more than one font on occasions to display handwriting as part of the plot – can this also be included?

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